1.  Safe and Sanitary Quality Control

Due to the nature of the dry seaweed concentrated in winter, we store fresh raw materials to be produced during the year at cryogenic storage facilities.

Therefore, high-quality condiments can be provided throughout the year, and it is stored in low-temperature storage facilities until sea snacks were delivered to you.

It is based on the international food safety certification HACCP and FSSC22000 and produces products with hygienic and systematic facilities and automatic systems.

2.  The VEGAN Foods

We ultimately pursue the use of vegan ingredients for the health of our customers, and strive to produce eco-friendly products to produce vegan products that can appeal to the taste buds of people around the world.


3.  First, Customer and Last, Company

COMPANY adheres to the principle of selling directly to Korean consumers, rather than choosing large distribution companies for growth.

COMPANY is growing slowly, but through direct consumer reviews.

4.  Universal Food

Based on the original seaweed snack products manufacturing of Koreans, we are developing various flavor products that suit the tastes of people around the world.

Currently, we are developing and producing products with a total of 15 flavors.

Also , we plan, develop, and produce health beverage powder products, and even supply products that complement the health of modern people.

We are working hard to make best products for people around the world.


5. Family Business

As a family business, we are devoted to keeping our promise with our customers and focusing on our capabilities without any time and space restriction.