1. Safe and Sanitary Quality Control

In accordance with the standards of HACCP, an international food safety certification program, we have been equipped with sanitary and systematic facilities and automated systems and producing our products.
Considering the characteristics of raw materials produced during the winter, we are keeping them fresh in cold storage facilities all the year round.
We are providing high-quality seasoned laver all the year round.
We are keeping our products produced through strict impurity inspection in cold storage facilities before delivering to our customers.


2. The Organic foods

We purse the use of organic materials for the health of our customers, strive to manufacture environment-friendly products, and produce foods that suit the tastes of the world people and meet their need of health.


3. First, Customer and Last, Company

Since established in 1989, we have chosen to glow slowly and meet our customers directly, rather than to establish large distribution channels and grow fast.
Customers’ direct evaluation of our products is our growth engine.


4. Universal Food

We are focusing on manufacturing Korea’s traditional seasoned laver and developing seasoned laver suiting the tastes of the world people.
We have developed seasoned laver with the taste of lamb skewers to capture Chinese tastes as the first step. And we have studied and patented the method of extending the shelf life using Korean medicinal herbs.


5. Family Business

As a family business, we are devoted to keeping our promise with our customers and focusing on our capabilities without any time and space restriction.