We are carefully selecting fresh seafood cultivated in the uncontaminated areas of the west coast and producing the best Daecheon laver and dried fish.


The taste of Korea to the world

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We are located at Boryeong-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea that preserves its pure nature and water and boasts of distinct four seasons.
Since established in 1989, we have been manufacturing, distributing and selling seasoned laver that maintains its original tastes for 28 years.
We got equipped with hygienic facilities and systematic systems and established a new company “Dongyang Susan” in 2007.
We won HACCP certification and newly installed laver research and development team in 2015.
Not pursing short-term profits, we have been producing and selling products that contain Korea’s traditional tastes and an abundance of nutrition.
We are also devoted to providing marine products that are hygiene, convenient to eat, and rich in nutrition to meet the needs of very busy contemporary people.
We will make every effort to manufacture the best products until the day when our customers are all happy.
Head Office DYSSKOREA 355-882, 120, 3-gil, Chang-dong, Nampo-myeon, Boryeong-si, Chungcheongnam-do Korea
CEO Hong Seong-Soo
Date of Establishment March 1989
Business Area Manufacture and sale of seasoned laver, laver for Gimbap and full-size laver
Tel 82-41) 931-0891
Fax 82-41) 936-6247

Export Korean tastes around the world!

We are manufacturing products that contain Korea’s traditional tastes and an abundance of nutrition.
Pursing the use of organic materials for our customers’ health, we are making every effort to manufacture environment-friendly products.