‘Otter Mong’ Children Seaweed snack Ca+

‘Otter Mong’ Children Seaweed snack Ca+

‘Otter Mong’ Children Seaweed snack Ca+

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What is ‘Otter Mong’ Children seaweed snack with Calcium’?

There are three types of children’s seaweed snack :Seaweed snack with calcium, with zinc, and without any additives.

Reduce the amount of cooking oil and salt compared to regular seasoning seaweed snack, using olive oil is healthy

Excellence of  “the seaweed snack for Child”

-Higher protein content than conventional products.

Protein is one of the essential nutrients that make up our body. Although conventional seaweed have high protein nutrients. The protein of children’s seaweed snack has a ratio of over 45% higher than other foods, a hidden truth is that good seaweed has protein content is higher. Muscles, intestines, bones, skin, etc. are mainly composed of proteins. It will greatly contribute to the growth of children.
-The content of fatty acids is lower than that of conventional products.
Fatty acids are generally perceived as bad for the body. Children ‘s products used a minimum amount of olive oil instead of the corn oil. As a result, fatty acids are reduced by more than 50%. Trans fatty acids produce harmful cholesterol and cause adult diseases. The nutrient table shows that trans fat is ‘0’.
-Sodium content is lower than conventional products.
In general, sodium is an essential ingredient in the health of the body, but in the present society, too much intake is causing health problems. Children’s seaweed snack reduced the sodium content by more than 35% and strived for the health of children.
-Adding nutrients to customer taste – Calcium.
A common steak is a health food containing a large amount of calcium and a small amount of zinc.  Calcium is the nutrients that activate the body’s development and health cells. Children’s seaweed snack of ‘DYSSKOREA CO.,LTD.’ is produced of three kinds of products, which were small amount but added with calcium. We consider not only the health of children, but also the minds of parents who choose children’s foods.

Ingredient Name seaweed(laver), olive oil, sesame oil, salt.
Weight 4g /bag
Daily output 4g * 45,000 bags
Packing unit 3, 6, and 8 bags. Other packing units are available.
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