‘Sunhaesim’ seaweed snack with Cumin

‘Sunhaesim’ seaweed snack with Cumin

‘Sunhaesim’ seaweed snack wiht Cumin


What is ‘Sunhaesim seaweed snack wiht Cumin’?

This is a product that is made by mixing Korea’s traditional seasoned laver with the tastes of a lamb skewer popular around China and the Asian continent.
The method of manufacturing the product has been studied and currently patented in Korea.
Korean seaweed contains dietary fiber called “lactic acid polysaccharide” that is proven to be effective in preventing and inhibiting cancer. As it has a plenty of taurine, vitamin 1 & 2 and inorganic substance, it is effective in dissolving alcohol, suppressing aging, and curbing obesity.
The fundamental ingredient of lamb skewer “Cumin” is effective in suppressing cancer, promoting digestion, and curing infection and skin diseases.
Korean seaweed snack and dry seaweed are popular products that match well with rice balls, noodles, slices of raw tuna, gimbap, and cookies.
As seasoned seaweed for lamb skewers is a product that matches Korea’s traditional seasoned seaweed with the tastes of Asian people, it will provide you with the pleasure of tastes and health.

Ingredient Name seaweed(laver), corn oil, seasoning condiments powder(refined salt, sesame, monosodium glutamate, cumin seed, cumin powder, black pepper powder, red pepper powder), sesame oil.
Allergic materials Peanut
Weight 4g /bag
Daily output 4g * 40,000 bags
Packing unit 3, 6, and 8 bags. Other packing units are available.
2016년 October 10일